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Making the complicated
easy and enjoyable

At Paragon Financial, we take your financial concerns and goals seriously. But that doesn't mean our sessions with you are overly serious or complicated. Our goal is to get you as excited about your financial plan as we are.
So we try to keep it fun, easy-to-follow and inspiring.

We provide the structured guidance that many clients who have busy lives need. Like a personal trainer for your financial wellness, we schedule sessions and provide you with action steps while remaining available for questions.

Our approach is never pushy, but rather respectful. From our standpoint, working in your best interest takes more than being a good advisor; it takes being a good listener. So, we begin with a thorough understanding of your needs, goals and concerns, then follow with developing a plan together that works best for you. Along the way, we help you become more educated, more efficiently. We weigh the pros and cons of different solutions so you can make informed decisions. Our process is a flexible partnership, and our goal is a well-thought out plan that feels right for you on both rational and gut levels.

Our Steps to Success

Input Session

You talk, we listen. You ask, we ask. Together, we gain an understanding of what you want to accomplish and how to go about it.


You'll fill out some questionnaires, and submit documents such as financial statements that will help us with our analysis.


We'll examine your documents and begin evaluating and planning what you should do to accomplish your goals. We'll do some forecasting and preparing answers to your questions or challenges.

Planning and Solutions

We'll present you a holistic plan for reaching your short and long-term goals. We'll talk solutions, possibilities and opportunities. We'll do some Q&A. We'll make any adjustments, prioritize and arrive at a plan of action.

Action Steps

You'll implement steps or changes to put your financial plan into action. We'll be ready to assist if you have any questions or issues.


We'll set up sessions to review what you've done, measure your results and answer any questions. We'll modify or evolve your plan as your life or needs change.

How does our fee-only planning work?

At Paragon, we charge a flat hourly fee or annual retainer fee for our services. Unlike advisors who make commissions on the amount of products they sell, our motivation is to develop a trustworthy relationship with you based on meeting your goals and helping you feel confident in your plan. If you benefit from working with us, we hope you’ll continue to do so. It’s that simple.

Hourly Consultation

For clients who only need a few hours of consultation, an annual review or a “financial tune up”, we offer hourly fees. Hourly consultations are also great for DIY clients who just want a soundboard for their ideas or answers to various questions.

Retainer Agreement

For clients who have complex or changing needs, who want more continuity of service or prefer more immediate access for answering questions or exploring ideas, a retainer may be the way to go. With a retainer, you can contact us at any time for any service or about any topic. Since it’s all covered under one annual fee, a retainer is often a better value for managing on-going or spontaneous needs. Retainer clients can also receive tax preparation services as part of their agreement.

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