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Comprehensive Services
for all needs and life stages

We offer a full range of financial services to address everything from your current needs and circumstances through future goals and concerns. Our services include:

Financial planning and forecasting

Goal setting and prioritizing


Retirement planning

Portfolio and 401(k) analysis and allocation

Insurance planning

Education planning

Tax planning & projections

Estate planning

401(k)/IRA Rollovers

IRA planning, including
Roth v Traditional

Home & Real Estate planning

Charitable giving

Life transition management

Where are you at today?

Financial goals change throughout life. So do our income levels and other factors that impact our ability to save and plan for those goals. At Paragon, we meet you where you are now, and partner with you to develop the right plan with the right services for you today and tomorrow.

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Working and Saving

Closer to Retirement

Transitioning to and
Living in Retirement

You're making a decent income. You've been saving and are ready to start saving more. But how do you prioritize? Where and how much should you invest? How do you balance current expenses with future dreams? We'll help you sort it all out and create a plan that works on both levels.

You've been building your nest egg. You're eyeing retirement and thinking about those dreams for yourself and your family. Is your portfolio on track? Is it time to rebalance, reallocate or reduce your exposure to risk? We'll help you weigh the pros and cons, and examine strategies for how and when to retire comfortably.

You've retired or you've scaled back on your work. You're ready to reap the rewards of your investments. But what's the best strategy for ensuring income for the rest of your life? What about taxes, social security and estate planning? We'll educate you and develop a plan so you can enjoy retirement with more peace of mind.

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